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Wild Rose Competition
Post Competition Form

This report must be returned to the AEF office within 10 days from the last day of competition.

Upon completion of the post show report, an invoice will be emailed to the competition manager for the total fees collected at the competition. Payment can be made to the AEF via; Cheque, e-transfer, Debit/Credit.


Cheque – Payable to

Alberta Equestrian Federation

120, 251 Midpark Blvd, SE

Calgary, AB T2X 1S3


E-transfer –


Debit/Credit – 403 253 4411 ext.4


Please indicate competition number with the transfer.

The following information is required and used to submit statistics to the Government of Alberta.

How many entries participated at the competition?

Please submit a list of entries and coaches that attended the competition.

Upload File
Upload File

Thank you for submitting your Post Show Report. Provincial Circuit competitions can expect to receive an invoice in 48 hours.

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