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Wild Rose Comeptition Program

Temporary Coaching Badge Form

Wild Rose Competition Rulebook - Section 1 General - Chapter 11.2

Temporary Coaching Badges are available for coaches who do not meet the minimum certification requirements at the time of competition. 

1. A Temporary Coaching Badge allows the person to participate as a coach at the competition for which it was purchased for.

2. Temporary Coaching Badge is only valid for a single competition.

3. in 2024, rider and horse results achieved while coaching with a Temporary Coaching Basge may be used to qualify for year-end Wild Rose awards, championship competitions, finals, or subsequent competitions requiring qualification.

4. Coaches who do not hold valid coaching certification must purchase a Temporary Coaching Badge for every competition where coaching certification is required. 

5. AEF reserves the right to limit the number of times an individual may apply for a Temporary Coaching Badge in any given year.

Please check which Wild Rose-sanctioned competitions will require Coaching Certification in 2024 here.

Thank you for submitting. Your Temporary Coaching Badge will be available for pick up at the Competition office.

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