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Share the Trails

Thank you for assisting the AEF in getting the Share the Trails signs mounted out on Public Land trails across Alberta. Some points to keep in mind when mounting:


1.      Choose a location that is along the trail and easily visible

2.      Mount to a post at eye level height (5’8 – 6’2 from the ground). Do NOT mount to a living tree

3.      Do NOT remove or obscure other signs already mounted

4.      Utilize the mounting hardware provided with the signage

5.      Mount sign when weather and conditions are safe to do so

6.      Mount signs when standing on safe and secure footing

7.      Do NOT mount signs while on horseback, bicycle, or motorized vehicles


Please fill out this form for each sign you mount. Completed forms can also be scanned and emailed to

AEF 'Share the Trails' sign mounting form

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