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Provincial Circuit Competition Application

Applications are due at least 14 days in advance of competition start date. Late fees will apply.

Competition Manager Information

This person is responsible for the conduct of the competition and must be an AEF member in good standing.

I/We have read and understood that all AEF sanctioned competitions/events are restricted to AEF members in good standing. ALL participants in a sanctioned competition/event must have a current AEF membership, including riders in lead line classes. Out-of-province participants are eligible to compete, however, they must provide proof of membership with their home P/TSO or must purchase an AEF membership. Further, I/we agree that each participant in our sanctioned competition/event will sign and date an Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability form naming the AEF and the show. We also understand that all supporting documents required for sanctioning must be submitted 14 days prior to competition date or a $150 late fee will be added on to final total.

Show Secretary Information

Fill out information below if different to Competition Manager information. The Membership verification instructions will be sent to the individual named below if filled.

Insurance Information

Proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance to be in full force and effect to a minimum of $2 million. The policy must contain clauses providing $2 million limit of liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage to spectators and participants, cross liability coverage and non-owned automobile coverage. The policy must contain a clause adding AEF, Officials, Judges, Course Designers, and Volunteers as “additional insured” with respect to the operations of the competition. Event (club/business) insurance can be obtained by contacting Acera Insurance at 1-800-670-1877.

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Officials Information

Judges, Stewards, Technical Delegates, Course Designers, as applicable

Guest Cards are required for individuals officiating without AEF or EC recognized official staus. Please contact with any questions.

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Select all fees that apply and put total in Total field. Click Submit below to then go to checkout to pay online. 


Please be sure to include the following items to complete your application. You can also submit the items directly to

√  Prize List

√  Entry Form

√  Certificate of Insurance

√  Guest Card Request

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Thank you for submitting in your competition application

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