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Trail Program Initiatives

The AEF is working hard to support our equestrian trail riding community. Help us better the Alberta landscape for equestrian trail riders now and for future generations.

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Trail Maintenance Identification

We are looking to the Alberta equestrian community to help us identify trails that are requiring attention for maintenance and upgrading. Help us compile a list of trails.

Trail Maintenance Prioritization

As we compile a list of trails that require attention for maintenance and upgrading, we will need to determine which ones are a priority to address first.

Rocky Mountain Trail.jpg

Share the Trails

Utilizing a grant from Alberta Environments and Protected Lands, the AEF has created metal trail signs for distribution. If you know where these signs are needed and could be hung, use the button below to request signs be mailed to you at no charge.

Unite the Trails Forum

Bringing Alberta's equestrian trail riding community together. Be an integral part of the community and join the discussions. 

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